Creating Custom Messages for Testers

How to use Syncta's Appointments Feature to Create Messages for Your Testers

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If you want to create custom messages for your testers, you can easily do so using our Appointments feature. You can then instruct technicians to check for messages on their My Day page as part of their daily routine before testing.

NOTE: The Appointments feature is only available for testing companies.

1. Select Appointments from the navigation menu, and then select Manage Appointments.

2. On the Appointments page, click the < > arrows until you find the date on which you want to add a message.

3. Find the tester that you want to send a message to, and then click anywhere in their schedule to open the Create New Event popup.

4. Depending on how much information you want to include in your message, fill in the following:

  • Title: Type a title for your message, or add the entire message here.

  • Description: If you want to include more detailed information, type it in this box; otherwise, leave this blank.

5. Even though this message isn't a part of the tester's daily schedule, we suggest choosing a Start Time at the beginning of their day. This allows you to easily see the messages you've set up for each tester on a specific date at a glance.

NOTE: You do not need to select an End Time. It will be automatically filled in for 30 minutes after the Start Time after you save this message.

6. Each message will automatically appear in blue on the Appointments calendar. If you want to choose a different color, select it from the Color dropdown list.

NOTE: The message color does not appear on the My Day page for testers. It only appears for Admin users in the main Appointments page.

7. Click Create Event at the bottom of the popup to save your message.

Your new message appears on the page for the date you specified.

This message will also appear on the tester's My Day page on the date you specified. See our article about how tester's can view your custom messages to learn more.

NOTE: This message does not pop up automatically for testers. They must open their My Day page in order to read it.

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