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Release Notes - Fourth Quarter 2022
Release Notes - Fourth Quarter 2022

Syncta's latest software updates

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Latest Syncta Updates

Read below for more information about the recent updates we've made this quarter in Syncta. Click on any of the following links to go directly to the section in this article to learn more:

Xpress Test Now Available for Water Purveyors

Entering data and performing tests in Syncta just got easier for water purveyors! Using Xpress Test, our new streamlined testing interface, purveyors can now enter customer, service location, assembly information, AND perform a test all in the same place.

On average, it takes users about 45 seconds to enter data and perform a test using Xpress Test โ€“ about half the time it currently takes to enter this same data on separate pages in Syncta.

Ready to give it a try? Simply click Xpress Test on the Dashboard to begin!

Want to try Xpress Test yourself? Launch our step-by-step walk through to get started.

If you'd rather see how it works first, check out our video of Xpress Test in action.

Search by Assembly in Xpress Test

Xpress Test has a new option that allows you to get straight to testing if you don't need to enter customer and service location information first. If you already know a customer's assembly information, simply click the new Serial radio button in the first section of Xpress Test, select the assembly you want, and then start testing it. This new option allows you to find an assembly and test it in about 25 seconds!

Click the Xpress Test button on the Dashboard to try this new option yourself.

New Assemblies Created by Tester Report

Based on customer suggestions, the new Assemblies Created by Tester report allows to quickly see which testers created new assemblies. Testing companies and purveyors can filter this report by date range and specific tester, and purveyors can also filter it by hazard and location types.

1. To open the report, first select Reports from the navigation menu.

2. On the Reports page, scroll to the Assemblies section, and then click the Assemblies Created by Tester report to open it.

New Testing Frequency Options

Based on customer feedback, we have added half-yearly testing frequency options up to seven years. Now, you can select the following new options from the Testing Frequency dropdown list on an Assembly page: every 1.5 years, every 2.5 years, every 3.5 years, every 4.5 years, every 5.5 years, and every 6.5 years.

See our article about adding backflow assemblies to learn more about all of the fields on the Assembly page.

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