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Pending Tests Page (Testing Companies)
Pending Tests Page (Testing Companies)

Overview of the "Pending Test or Retest" and "Scheduled Tests" sections

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The Pending Tests page shows scheduled and pending tests, as well as retests. Tests are displayed on this page in two different areas: Pending Test or Retest, and Scheduled Tests.

View Pending Tests on a Map

If you want to see where all of your pending internal tests are on a map, click Show on Map in the top right corner of the page.

Here's an example of how pending tests appear on a map.

To return to the Pending Tests page, click the Back button in your browser.

Pending Test or Retest Section

The Pending Test or Retest section includes:

  • Tests that have been assigned to a route and that route has been "marked as ready"

  • Any retests that are still pending from a failed initial test

There are several options related to pending tests or retests.

  • View PDF: Click to view a PDF copy of this test report. 

  • Show Test Details: Click for an overview of this customer's test results, backflow assembly information, and any related attachments.

  • Edit Schedule: Click to edit schedule information related to this customer's test, including the commit date, test price, and assigned tester.

  • Skip Retest (Mark Test Completed): Click to skip this retest and mark this test as complete. This moves it to the Review Completed Tests page.

  • Send Report to Customer Email: Click to email this customer a copy of a pending test report or a retest that is pending because an initial test failed.

  • Test Now: Click to test an assembly now on the Perform Test page. See our article about testing an assembly to learn more.

  • Cancel Test: Click to permanently delete this test.

  • Delete Selected Tests: Check the box for each test in the list that you want to delete; click this button to permanently delete selected tests.

NOTE: When you delete a test report, Syncta only soft deletes this record. This means that you can restore a test report at any time. See our article about restoring a deleted test to learn more.

Scheduled Tests Section

The Scheduled Tests section includes:

  • Tests that have been saved but not completed

  • Tests that are not on a route; or if they are on a route, that route has not been "marked as ready" for testing

  • Tests that have been scheduled but not started

The options described above for pending tests or retests are the same for scheduled tests.

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