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When adding or editing a customer, you can select if the customer should be tested annually. The Test Yearly box allows you to keep track of which customers you have on your auto testing program each year. You can filter some pages by this field, such as the Search and Upcoming Tests pages, or you can view the Customers on Annual Test List report.

This box does not need to be checked for Syncta to remind you on the Upcoming Tests page when assemblies are due to be tested. As long as an assembly is set to Active on an Assembly page, checking this box will remind you automatically.

Set Test Yearly Test Price

If you use the Customer Portal, you can set a test price as Test Yearly. This automatically sets the test yearly option for the customer if they select that test price when scheduling a test through the portal.

1. To set this option on the test price, select Administration from the navigation menu. See our article about Test Prices to learn more.

2. Edit an existing test price or create a new one. See our article about adding and updating test prices to learn more.

3. Select the Test Yearly box.

4. Click Create Test price or Update Test price at the bottom of the page.

Now, if a customer selects this price when scheduling their test through the portal, it will automatically check the Test Yearly box on the customer record. To see which customers are on your annual test program,

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