Use the following instructions to conduct a survey at a service location. You can then save the survey to work on later or complete it as soon as you are finished.  

  1. On the Customer page, scroll to address at which you want to conduct a survey, find the Surveys section, and then click + New Survey

2. On the Surveys page, fill in the following:

  • Surveyed At: Enter the date the survey was conducted. If this will be completed later, clear this field; doing so will add a "Not Surveyed Yet" status in the Surveys section on the Customer page.
  • Inspector: Select the inspector who conducted this survey from the dropdown list.
  • Location Type: Select the location type from the dropdown list.

3. If there is a hazard (irrigation, pool, etc.), click Add Hazard, and then fill in the following:

  • Hazard Type: Select the hazard type from the dropdown list.
  • Location: Describe where the hazard is located. For example, in the back yard.
  • Comment: Add a hazard comment as desired.
  • Internal Comment: Add a hazard internal comment as desired.
  • Status: Select No Deficiency, Deficiency or Deficiency Resolved from the dropdown list. 
  • Resolution Due Date: If you selected Deficiency Resolved in the Status dropdown, select the date that the deficiency was resolved.

4. Repeat step 3 to add another hazard.
5. Add survey Report Comments and an Internal Comment for the survey as desired. 

6. Click one of the following:

  • Save Survey: Save the survey so it can be completed later. A created survey message appears on the Customer page and this survey now appears on the Review Surveys page.
  • Complete Survey: Complete the survey. A completed survey message appears on the Customer page and this survey now appears in the Surveys section of the related service location.
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