If you submitted a test report to the water purveyor using SynctaOne and receive this message, this likely means that a test report was marked as Failed in Syncta.  

Fix the Error

1. To find a "problem submission" test report, select Tests from the navigation menu, and then select Problem Submissions.

NOTE: You can also click the Submissions with Problems button in the Submissions section on the Dashboard.

2. On the Problem Submissions page, click Review Problems next to the submission you want to review.

3. On the Water Purveyor Submission page, scroll to the Problem Submissions section to review the test report details.

4. Click Edit Test to open the test results.
5. On the Perform Test page, do the following:

  • Review the PSI entries to ensure they are correct.

  • Select the Passed radio button.

6. Click Save Test.
7. Once this has been updated, resubmit the test report to the water purveyor by clicking Retry Post Processing next to the problem submission on the Submit Tests page.

Syncta will automatically re-run this submission. If it is successfully processed, you will see it in the submission history. Otherwise, it will reflect any problem on the Problem Submissions page.

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