What Information is Synced?

The connection between Syncta and QuickBooks syncs some information from customer records and invoices between the two systems, which helps reduce the need to enter the same information twice. Any new customer entered in QuickBooks will be automatically added in Syncta, and any new invoices created in Syncta will be added in QuickBooks with the click of a button in Syncta. 

Note: You must have QuickBooks Desktop 2013 or newer, or QuickBooks Online Plus or higher to connect with Syncta. 

Customer Records

  Syncta <-------------------- QuickBooks

Basic information (name, mailing address, phone number, email) from customer records (existing or new) go from QuickBooks to Syncta. However, new customers created in Syncta are not added in QuickBooks.

Parent/Child Relationships in Syncta and QuickBooks

If you have parent customers in Syncta, here's how these fields in Syncta connect with similar fields in QuickBooks:

Syncta QuickBooks Online

Customer = Customer

Child Customer = Sub-Customer

Syncta QuickBooks Desktop

Parent Customer = Customer

Child Customer = Job


   Syncta --------------------> QuickBooks

When triggered in Syncta, new invoices go from Syncta to QuickBooks. However, new invoices created in QuickBooks are not added in Syncta. Click here for more information about syncing invoices from Syncta with QuickBooks.

How Does the Initial Sync Work?

Once you have established the connection between Syncta and QuickBooks, please contact Syncta Support so we can start importing customers from QuickBooks to Syncta. During this import, we try to match customer records from QuickBooks into Syncta. Some things to note about customer records:

  • For a match to occur, the Name field in Syncta must be an exact match with the Display name as field in QuickBooks Online or Company Name in QuickBooks Desktop. Pay attention to spaces, periods, name order, etc. For example, Nick Brown vs. Brown, Nick.


QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop

  • If Syncta doesn't find an exact match between these fields, Syncta creates a new customer record using the QuickBooks customer name. If this occurs, there may be two records of the same customer that contain the same information. For example, Jane Marshall and Marshall, Jane

  • If there are duplicate records in either system, you need to update one customer record and delete the other. 

Note: If you are unable to sync customer records, click here for troubleshooting information.

Example Customer Record - Before and After Sync

The examples below show what happens if there is not an exact match of a customer's name. In this case, the name in QuickBooks is added to Syncta as a new customer.

Customer Records Before Sync

Syncta                      QuickBooks
Nick Brown              Brown, Nick

Customer Records After Sync

Syncta                      QuickBooks
Nick Brown              Brown, Nick
Brown, Nick                                  

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