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Syncing an Invoice in Syncta With QuickBooks
Syncing an Invoice in Syncta With QuickBooks
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In order for invoices to sync with QuickBooks, the following must occur:

  • You must establish the connection between QuickBooks and Syncta (See our articles about connecting to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop to learn more.)

  • You must create a customer record in QuickBooks with the required fields (Company, Phone Number, Address [Street, City/Town, State/Province, ZIP code])

  • The customer in QuickBooks must be linked to a customer in Syncta - verify this by ensuring there is a green QB logo next to that customer's name.

IMPORTANT! QuickBooks Connection is only available for existing Syncta QuickBooks Connection subscribers.

1. Open the customer page related to the invoice you want to sync.

NOTE: You can also follow this same process to sync quotes and work orders in Syncta, which become invoices in QuickBooks.

2. Scroll to the Paid Invoices or Unpaid Invoices section and find the invoice you want to sync. See our article about creating an invoice to learn more.

3. Click the Sync Invoice to Quickbooks icon for the selected invoice. Any time you make changes to an invoice in Syncta, you can click this icon to update the invoice in QuickBooks.

4. Once the sync has begun, a confirmation message appears at the top of the page. If you want to confirm the sync was successful, check the customer record in QuickBooks.

NOTE: If you enter a PO number in Syncta, it will be the invoice number in QuickBooks.



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