The Upcoming Tests page is primarily used to schedule future tests and send out notifications.

This page shows backflow assemblies that are due to be tested, which are based on the Next Test Due date and Testing Frequency information on the Assembly page. 

Note: Click here for detailed information about the Assembly page.

Tests that have been scheduled or excluded from annual testing will not appear on this page. For more information about the "exclude tests" setting on the Customer page, click here.

You can also skip selected tests for this period; reminders will appear during the next indicated period. For example, if you skip selected tests that are typically scheduled for annual testing in December 2020, these tests will appear on the Upcoming Tests page in December 2021.

View Selected Tests

1. Select Tests from the navigation menu, and then select Upcoming Tests.

The Upcoming Tests page defaults to shows tests for all water purveyors within the upcoming month, and includes all notification months.

2. Change any of the following filters as desired:

  • Water Purveyor: Select a specific water purveyor or leave blank to include all water purveyors.

  • Next Test Due Date: Select an upcoming date range for assemblies that are due to be tested; select Never Tested for assemblies that have not yet been tested or Next Test Date Not Set for assemblies that don't have a next test date set.
    Note: If you do not yet have any backflow assemblies with a last tested at date, you will not see any upcoming notifications unless you select Never Tested as part of your search criteria.

  • Tests Per Page: We recommend selecting 500 to ensure that all results are displayed on one page.

  • Test Yearly: Select Yes or No from the dropdown list; you can also leave this blank. This field references the Test Yearly setting on the Customer page. It can be used to locate customers on your annual testing program. Click here for more information about the Test Yearly checkbox.
    Note: This will only appear for testing companies.

  • Notification Month: Select a notification month or leave this blank to include all months.
    Note: This references the Notification Month you selected on the Assembly page.

  • Status: Filter your results by selecting the status of an assembly as Active, Inactive, Removed or Replaced.

3. When you're finished, click Refresh.

The updated tests appear below the Filters section in alphabetical order by customer.

Note: The Test yearly column will only appear for testing companies.

Schedule a Test

You can schedule tests all at once or individually. Click here for detailed instructions about scheduling a test.

Send Notifications

Create notifications for selected assemblies. Click here for more information.

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