We offer a range of user roles as a means for business owners to limit how their employees interact with the application. Users can be added on the Manage Company Users page. Click here for more information about adding new users.


This is an ideal role for the business owner who also happens to be a backflow prevention tester. 

  • They can manage every aspect of the application, from editing customers to entering test results for assemblies. 
  • An administrator is the only user that can add users and change user roles.


This is exactly what you might expect — mostly field work related directly to testing. 

  • Testers can create, update, and search for customers, assemblies and service locations. They can perform, edit and schedule tests, but they cannot submit them to water purveyors. 
  • They can create routes, be assigned to routes, and complete routes. 
  • They can view water purveyor information, but cannot edit it.
  • Tester roles cannot delete customers, assemblies and service locations. 
  • They cannot access the notifications, data reports, and invoicing pages. 

Tester Limited

Same as the tester role above, with two exceptions:

  • They can only see routes that are assigned to them on the Routes page.
  • They can only see tests assigned to them on the Pending Tests page.


Office roles can edit, view, and delete customers, assemblies, gauges, test prices, routes, tests, billing, and water purveyor submissions. 

  • They can schedule tests, create routes, schedule appointments and enter test results on behalf of testers. 
  • Office users can create and send notification batches. 
  • They can create and send invoices, including past due notices.
  • These users cannot add, edit or remove users.

Limited Office

This is a great role for someone like an outside user, such as an accountant that wants to view invoicing, but has limited access to changing Admin options. 

  • They can create and send invoices, including past due notices.
  • Limited Office users can manage customers and assemblies: create, edit, and delete routes and tests. 
  • They can schedule tests from a Customer page. 
  • These users do not have access to administration, data reports or notifications. 

Read Only

This allows the user to view all aspects of the application without being able to edit or delete anything.

If you are looking for a role different than the ones we have outlined above, let us know!

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