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Only Admin users can change company information in Syncta. Read the following instructions or click the video to learn more about updating your company's information.

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Company Options

2. On the Manage Company page, add or update any of the following fields:

  • Name: Enter the name of your company.
  • Logo: Upload an image of your logo for use on test report forms and on the Customer Portal.
  • Phone: Add the best number that should be used to contact your company.
  • Contact Email: Enter an email address that will be used as the "reply-to" for any emails we send on your behalf, such as sending copies of test reports.
  • Website Url: If you have a company website, enter the URL here. 
  • Address: Enter the physical address of your company; we do not recommend using a P.O. Box.
    Note: We automatically capture address coordinates. If the map pin is wrong, click Pick Map Location to select different coordinates.
  • Default Address: Fill in City, State, and Zip if you want to automatically fill in this information anytime a new address is started.
  • Display Options: Check the box next to each page on which you want to auto-collapse boxes.

3. Fill in the following information in the Company Options section:

  • Email Customer Reports: Select Yes if you want your Contact Email on this page to be copied (CC) on emails to water purveyors. Select No to be blind copied (BCC) on emails to water purveyors.
  • Copy You On Email To Water Purveyor: Select Yes if you want your company contact to be copied on test reports that are emailed to the water purveyor. 
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone of your company from the dropdown list.
  • Collect Location Data From Users: Select Yes if you want to collect user location data, such as where testers are performed, see nearby customers, display maps throughout the application, etc.
    Note: Click here for more information about maps.  
  • Collect Customer Signature When Testing: Select Yes to create a space for a customer signature on the Test Results Entry page. This signature can be shown on a form; contact us to set this up for you.

4. When you are finished, click Update Company.

Download a Backup of Your Data

You can request a backup copy of your data at any time. Simply click Download a Backup of Your Data at the bottom of the page. This will provide you with a copy of the raw data in .csv format, as well as a copy of all the PDF test report forms.
Note: The backup process runs overnight during off hours. You will receive an email with a link to your data the following morning.  

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