When a surveyor notes a deficiency at a service location, purveyors can send notifications to the customer about what issues were found, what needs to be fixed, and by when. They can also send past due notices for deficiencies when they are not resolved by the required due date. These notifications can be sent in a batch for a group of survey deficiencies all at one time.


  • Before preparing a new deficiency email notification batch, make sure you have set up the template that you want to use. See our article about setting up survey deficiency templates to learn more.

  • Notifications for deficiencies are grouped by customer. If a customer has multiple deficiencies, they will receive one notification that contains all of the related deficiencies.

  • If you have parent customers, deficiency email notifications will only be sent to the parent customer's email. All child customers of a parent will be grouped into one email that will be sent to the parent customer's email. See our article about setting up specific notification values to learn more.

Send Email Notifications for Deficiencies

1. Select Notifications from the navigation menu.

2. At the top of the Notifications page, click +Notification Batch.

3. On the Create Notification Batch page, enter a Name to use as an internal reference for this email notification batch.

4. If you want to attach the completed survey form of the survey when the deficiency was created, check the Attach Test/Survey Forms box.

5. Do one of the following:

  • If you have parent customers and want them to receive deficiency notifications, leave the Ignore Parent Customers box unchecked.

  • If you have parent customers and do not want them to receive deficiency notifications, check the Ignore Parent Customers box.

6. If you want the notification date of this batch to appear on the notification, click the Calendar icon to select a date and time.

NOTE: The notification date will only appear if the {{notification_date}} field is added to the template. See our collection of articles about notification templates to learn more.

7. Select the notification template you want to use for this notification batch from the dropdown list.

8. Click Next.

9. Click Add from Deficiencies.

10. On the Deficiencies page, select any of the following filters to refine your search results:

  • Last Notification Sent: Use this to filter by the last notification that you sent.

  • Hazard Type: To filter deficiencies by hazard type, select an option from the dropdown list; leave the default to include all hazard types.

  • Water Purveyor: To filter deficiencies by water purveyor, select an option from the dropdown list; leave blank to include all purveyors.

  • Due Date: To filter outstanding deficiencies by the Due Date field, enter that date/date range here; leave blank to include all due dates.
    NOTE: The Due Date field is set on the Survey Deficiencies page.

11. Click Filter to see your results.

12. Check the box next to each outstanding deficiency that you want to receive a notification.

13. Click Create Notifications for Selected Deficiencies at the bottom of the page.

14. When you're finished, you return to the Edit Notification Batch page. Make any necessary adjustments to the fields at the top of the page as needed.

15. Click Remove next to any record that you do not want to include in this email notification batch.

16. To add an attachment that will be emailed with the deficiency notification, drag and drop the image or document that you want to upload in the Upload Attachments box; you can also click in this box to select the file you want to upload.

17. Click Next above the Attachments section to continue.

18. On the next page, click Send All Emails at the bottom of the page.

19. When the popup appears, click OK to continue.

You return to the Notifications page. You can review the status of emails by viewing the Details of the In-Progress Notifications.

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