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We're excited to introduce Xpress Test, an exciting new feature that makes it easier and faster for you to enter data in Syncta! We've also added new functionality to our notifications, and the ability for water purveyors to create a one-time charge for submission portal users. Click on any of the following links to go directly to the section in this article to learn more:

New Street Address Filter on Search Page

You can now search by street address on our Search page. This can be helpful if you want to schedule assemblies on a specific street on the same day. You can also enter part of the street name, number, or both.

For more information about using our Search page, click here.

Xpress Test - Syncta's New Streamlined Testing Interface

Entering data and performing a test in Syncta just got easier with Xpress Test! Testing companies can click the Xpress Test button on the Dashboard to enter customer, service location and assembly information, and perform a test all in the same place. The video below shows you just how easy Xpress Test is to use.

Want to see for yourself? Click here to launch our real-time, step-by-step walk through.

Once you've experienced Xpress Test, we predict that you'll never go back to the old way of doing things!

New Notification Date Field for Notifications

If you use our Notifications feature, you can now add a notification date to new and existing templates.

Once this field is set in the template, you can select a Notification Date when creating a notification batch.

This date will appear on email and printed notifications, as shown in the following example. To learn more adding a notification date to a notification template, click here.

Water Purveyors Can Now Charge a One-Time Fee To a Submission Portal User

If you are a water purveyor and require external users to submit to you via Syncta's submission portal, you can now charge these users a one-time fee on the Payment Options page if they already have their credit card on file.

Click here for more information about charging a one-time fee to a submission portal user.

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