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Charging a One-Time Fee To a Submission Portal User
Charging a One-Time Fee To a Submission Portal User

How purveyors can charge a one-time fee to an external user of their submission portal

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If you are a water purveyor and require external users to submit to you via your submission portal, you can now charge these users a one-time fee if they already have their credit card on file. The following instructions explain how to charge a one-time fee for an external user.

NOTE: You must be connected to Stripe in order to use this feature. See our article about setting up Stripe Connect to learn more.

1. select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Payment Options.

2. In the One Time Charge section, fill in the following:

  • Submission Company: Select the company you want to charge this one-time fee from the dropdown list.

  • Amount: Type the dollar amount of this one-time fee.

  • Description: Type a reason in the box that you are charging this submission company a one-time fee.

3. When you're finished, click Charge.

4. When the popup appears, click OK to continue.

You return to the Dashboard, where a confirmation message appears that this submission company was charged a one-time fee.

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