If you notice that a PDF test report has been updated shortly after you submit it to a purveyor, this is likely because it contains corrected fields.

Corrected fields give testers a way to tell a water purveyor when the assembly information they have on file is incorrect, when their test report supports this.

NOTE: See our article about corrected fields to learn about how to add them.

After a tester completes the test, the updated test report form will show the original assembly information, as well as the corrected information noted by the tester.

Once the testing company approves the test and submits it to the purveyor, the purveyor and the customer will receive a copy of the test report that shows the original fields and the corrected fields, as shown in the example above.

A PDF test report with corrected fields will be updated ten minutes after the test has been submitted to the purveyor, replacing the original fields with the corrected ones.

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