Before preparing a new notification batch, make sure you have set up the email template that you want to use. For more information about setting up email templates, click here.

Select Notification Batches

1. Select Notifications from the navigation menu, and then select Notification Batches.

2. In the Pending Notifications section, click +Notification Batch in the top right corner.

3. On the Create Notification Batch page, enter a Name to use as an internal reference of this notification batch.

4. Select the type of batch that you want to set up from the Batch Type dropdown list:

  • Email: Send emails to your customers, directly from within Syncta. Then select the email template you want to use for this batch. 
  • Mail merge: Generate an Excel file that you can use to create physical mailers.

5. Click Next.
6. Click one of the following to add the customers that you want to receive the notification: 

  • Add Records From Search
  • Add Records From Upcoming Tests
  • Add Records From Upcoming Notifications

7. Use the filters on the page you selected to narrow down your results, and then click Refresh.

8. Check the box to the left of each backflow assembly to select it, and then click Add Selected Devices To Notification Batch at the bottom of the page. The following is an example from the Upcoming Tests page, but the process on each page is the same.

9. When you are finished, you return to the Edit Notification Batch page. Make any necessary adjustments to the name, selected template, and selected records.
10. When you are finished, click Next.

11. Double-check that everything looks correct, and then click Process This Batch at the bottom of the page.

12. When the popup appears, click OK to continue.

That's it! The notifications have been sent. You can review the status of emails by viewing the Details of the In-Progress Notifications.

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