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Handling Incorrect Map Pin Locations
Handling Incorrect Map Pin Locations

What to do if a map pin shows an incorrect address or location

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Syncta uses Google Maps to geolocate each address entered in our system. The vast majority of the time, Google recognizes the address and geolocates correctly. In the event that Google thinks an address is in a different location, the map pin in Syncta will reflect the incorrect location as well. 

However, you can use the change the pin location feature in Syncta to assign it closer to its actual location. 

1. Click Edit next to the appropriate service location.

NOTE: This can be for a customer's address or a backflow assembly's service location.

2. On the next page, about half-way down, click Pick Map Location.

NOTE: If you are a water purveyor, this page will look slightly different.

The map with the map pin opens.

3. Do one of the following to change the map pin location: 

  • Enter the correct Latitude and Longitude.

  • Click the map to re-position the map pin.
    This is typically easier than entering the latitude and longitude. Simply click on the map where the actual location is. By clicking on the map in the location of the correct address, the map pin will automatically move - you do not need to drag the pin.

4. Click Update Service location at the top or bottom of the page; the pin will continue to reflect correctly on the map. 

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