Problem Submissions

Understanding what problem submissions are and how to fix them

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A problem submission typically occurs when there is a discrepancy between the information in Syncta and a water purveyor's system. A problem submission can also occur when a water purveyor using Syncta rejects your test submission. In most cases, something needs to be fixed in Syncta or in the water purveyor's system.

Problem submissions can easily be found in the Submissions section of the dashboard, or by selecting Problem Submissions from the Tests navigation menu.

Common Problem Submissions

Problem Submissions may occur for several reasons, but vary depending on the system that the water purveyor is using. Syncta is as explicit as possible in explaining what needs to be corrected before a test can be submitted, and in which system the issue must be fixed. Sometimes you can fix the issue yourself, but in many cases, you will need to reach out to the water purveyor directly.

Test Submissions Rejected By a Syncta Water Purveyor

If a water purveyor also uses Syncta and rejects a test that you submitted to them, this will appear as a Problem Submission. To learn more, see our article about handling rejected tests from a water purveyor that uses Syncta.

Error Messages

Below are some of the most common error messages that you may see. Click on any of the links for detailed information:  

Errors Specific to Your Water Purveyor

There may be unique errors that are generated depending on your water purveyor’s system, such as if there is a mismatched meter number or when the water purveyor's system requires payment. In these cases, login to your water purveyor's system and make the appropriate changes. 

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