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Selected Gauge Has Expired in the System
Selected Gauge Has Expired in the System

What this error means and how to fix it

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If you submitted a test report to the water purveyor using SynctaOne and receive this message, it likely means that the associated gauge's certification has expired in the water purveyor's system. 

Fix the Problem

1. To find a "problem submission" test report, select Tests from the navigation menu, and then select Problem Submissions.

NOTE: You can also click the Submissions with Problems button in the Submissions section on the Dashboard.

2. On the Problem Submissions page, click Review Problems next to the submission you want to review.

3. On the Water Purveyor Submission page, scroll to the Problem Submissions section to review the test report details.

4. Click the Show Test Details icon to view the gauge information.
5. Make note of the gauge's manufacturer and serial number.

6. Contact the water purveyor about their process to update the expired gauge's certification date; some may allow you to add it in their system, while others require that it be done on their end.  
7. Once the gauge's certification date has been updated by water purveyor, ask them if they want you to resubmit the test report or if they want you to email the test report directly to them.

8. Do one of the following:

  • If the water purveyor wants you to resubmit the test report, see Retry Post Processing the test submissions for more information.  

  • If the water purveyor wants you to email the test report directly to them, click the Mark Manually Processed icon in the Problem Submissions section of the Water Purveyor Submission page. This indicates the test has been manually submitted to the water purveyor. Click OK in the popup window to remove this test report as a problem submission. 

NOTE: If you want Syncta to automatically generate emails to the water purveyor for an expired gauge, please let us know and we can set that up for you.

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