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What If I Can't Complete a Test?
What If I Can't Complete a Test?

How to use Bypass Validation to submit a partial or incomplete test

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There are several reasons why a tester cannot complete a test, but still needs to submit test results to a water purveyor. One reason might be if a tester went to a location to perform a test but wasn't able to complete it (for example, there was a locked gate or the owner wasn't home). Another reason might be if the backflow assembly information is only partially filled in (for example, if an assembly's serial number is missing).

In both cases, a tester would still want to show the water purveyor that they tried to complete a test. Use the following instructions to submit a partial or incomplete test.

1. Open the test report that you want to complete.
2. Scroll to the Admin Options section and click the arrow to expand it. 

3. Fill in the relevant information and then check the Bypass Validation box.
4. In Report Comments, enter the reason that you could not complete the test; this is what the water purveyor will see.
5. Click Complete Test; the test can now be approved, and the test report can be submitted to the water purveyor. 

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