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How to schedule your tester's daily appointments

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The Appointments feature is useful if you schedule your tester's daily routine based on timed appointments set up on a calendar. This can include tests scheduled at specific times, as well as any appointments that aren't related to a test. Click on one of the buttons to go to the applicable section below:

Similar to many email calendars, the Appointments page gives you different views of your testers' schedules by: 

  • Day

  • Week

  • Month

  • Team


  • You must schedule a test first before it can be added as an appointment!

  • The Appointments feature is only available for testing companies.

Add Scheduled Tests as Appointments

1. Select Appointments from the navigation menu, and then select Manage Appointments

2. On the Appointments page, click Change Appointments.

The Change Appointments page shows a list of Available Stops and a daily schedule that can be filtered by tester.

3. Select the Tester for whom you want to schedule appointments from the dropdown list.


Only tests that have been scheduled will appear in this list! See our article about scheduling tests to learn more.

4. To change the scheduled day, click the < > arrows to move the date backward or forward.

5. Add appointments to a tester's schedule by dragging and dropping a test from the list of Available Stops to the tester's Schedule for day section.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 to add appointments for additional testers and/or dates.
7. When you are finished, click Back at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Once you add an appointment, it is automatically saved.

The appointments you added now appear in the calendar on the Appointments page for the selected date(s).

Add Other Appointments

You can add appointments to a tester's schedule that are not related to a test. For example, a tester's lunch break, a team meeting, a day off, or a time to pick up replacement parts.

1. To add an appointment to a tester's schedule, click the < > arrows to select a date.
2. Click on any blank area in the calendar to open the Create New Event window.  

3. Add an appointment Title and an optional Description.
4. Do one of the following:

  • All Day: Check this box if this appointment is all day.

  • Start Time and End Time: If this appointment is for a set amount of time, click the Calendar icon to select a start date and time, and then an end date and time.

5. Select a tester from the Tester Calendar dropdown list.
6. To assign a specific color for this appointment, select an option from the Color dropdown list.
7. When you are finished, click Create Event.

The appointment you just added now appears in the calendar on the Appointments page for the tester and date you specified.

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