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Overview of what's on this page and how to find it

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The Manage Water Purveyors page shows a purveyor's contact information, their test report submission history, and a list of associated assemblies. You can also add a water purveyor or edit an existing purveyor's information, including their contact information, method to submit test reports, and the test report form used.

To view the Manage Water Purveyors page, select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Water Purveyors.

Click on the desired link to go directly to a section below to learn more:

Add Water Purveyor

To add a new water purveyor, click Add Water Purveyor in the lower left corner of the page.

See our article about adding water purveyors for more information about how to finish adding a new purveyor.

Edit Water Purveyor Information

To edit an existing water purveyor, click the Edit Water Purveyor icon next to the purveyor you want to update.

See our article about updating water purveyor information to learn more about all of the fields on the Edit Water Purveyor page.

Delete Water Purveyor

1. To delete a water purveyor, click the trash can icon next to the purveyor you want to delete.

2. When the confirmation popup appears, click OK to delete this purveyor.

3. Do one of the following:

  • If you do not have any assemblies associated with this purveyor, you will see a confirmation message at the top of the page that the purveyor was deleted and you are done.

  • If you have assemblies associated with this purveyor, you are taken to the Transfer Assemblies From Water Purveyor page. Before this purveyor can be deleted, you must first transfer those assemblies to other purveyors. See our article abouttransferring assemblies to another purveyor for information about how to complete this process.

Preview Blank Test Report

To preview a blank test report, click the PDF icon next to the related purveyor.

A PDF copy of the test report form that will be used for this purveyor appears in a new window.

View Detailed Water Purveyor Information

To view all assemblies and submissions associated with a specific purveyor, click the See Water Purveyor Info icon.

The details page for this purveyor shows you the history of submitted tests, as well as all of the assemblies associated with this purveyor.

NOTE: You can also schedule tests for assemblies associated with this purveyor by selecting the desired assemblies, and then clicking Schedule at the bottom of the page.

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