Updating User Information

How to update user information

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Real-Time Training: Want to update your user information now instead of reading about how to do it? Launch our live step-by-step walk through to get started.

Update User Information


  • Only Admin users can edit other users and change roles.

  • You cannot update a user's signature unless it is for your own account.

1. Select Administration from the navigation menu, and then select Users

2. On the Manage Company Users page, click the Edit icon for the user you want to edit. 

3. In the User Information section, update this user's Name and Email as needed.

NOTE: If your company uses two factor authentication, you will also see a user's phone number. See our article about setting up 2FA options in Syncta to learn more.

4. Select a user Role from the dropdown list. The role you choose depends on the level of access you want the user to have. See our article about user role definitions to learn more about each role.

NOTE: Only Admin users can change roles.

5. If this is your user account, change your Password as desired.
6. If this user has the mobile app, change the Text Size In Mobile App as desired.

7. Update this user's Address information as needed.
8. In the Testing Information section, update this user's Default Certification number and Certification Expiration Date.

9. If this user will also perform surveys, add their Default Survey Certification and Survey Certification Expiration Date.

10. If a water purveyor requires your testers/technicians to use their own certification number on their test forms, click Add WP Specific Cert Info to add that information.

11. If you know the gauge information for this user, add the following gauge information:

  • Serial number

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Calibration Date

  • Calibration Expiration Date

12. If this user will use more than one gauge, click Add Gauge Info to add another gauge; fill in the same information in step 11.

13. If you want this user to use a Default Gauge when testing, select that gauge from the dropdown list.

14. If this is your user account and you want to update or add your signature, in the New Signature box, use the mouse to sign; or if you are using a touch screen, you can use your finger/stylus to sign. 

15. Click Update User at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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