Release Notes - November 2020
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Read below for more information about the recent updates we've made in Syncta.

Restoring Deleted Surveys

Similar to your ability to restore deleted assemblies, tests, customer records, etc., we have recently added the ability for water purveyors to restore deleted surveys at any time. Once you've restored the survey, you can take action on it just like any other survey. For more information about restoring deleted surveys, click here.

More Information on the Routes Overview Page

The Routes Overview page now shows additional customer information, including their email address and customer comments. Also, If you want to update a customer's information at a given stop on your route, simply click Edit Customer to make any needed changes. Once you've saved the customer's information, you are returned to stop you were at on the Routes Overview page. Click here for more information about testing assemblies on a route.

More Ways to View Sent Notifications

In the past, if you wanted to view sent notifications, you could do so by looking at each completed notification batch. Now, you can also view sent notifications by customer, service location, and assembly. For more information about viewing sent notifications, click here.

Updates to the Surveys Pages

We've made two updates to New Surveys and Edit Surveys pages. Similar to the Perform Test page, we've added a new field that allows you to use one customer signature on multiple tests and surveys, saving both you and your customers time. For more information about how to use this feature on the Surveys pages, click here.

Previously, if you wanted to add an attachment to a survey, you needed to save the survey first. Now, you can add the attachment without saving a survey first. Click here for more information about adding attachments while conducting a survey.

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