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Release Notes - Third Quarter 2021
Release Notes - Third Quarter 2021

Syncta's latest software updates

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Latest Syncta Updates

Read below for more information about the recent updates we've made this quarter in Syncta.

New Filter and Highlight on Review Completed Tests Page

The Review Completed Tests page now includes a test results filter that allows you to view tests by those that have passed, failed, or by those that have passed on retest. If any internal comments are included in the test, they are now highlighted in yellow so they are easier for you to see in case you need to take action on something. To learn more about reviewing completed tests, click here.

Add Attachments to Notification Templates

If you use our Notifications feature, you can now add attachments to a template, which will be automatically included with any notification that uses that template. This can be helpful for purveyors who want to include a list of approved testers, or for testing companies who want to include an information sheet that explains what cross connections are. For more information about creating or updating a notification template, click here.

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