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Deleting Assemblies in the Submission Portal
Deleting Assemblies in the Submission Portal

How external admin users can delete assemblies in a water purveyor's submission portal

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This article shows external admin users how to delete an assembly in the submission portal.

NOTE: If you don't see a Delete button in the portal, this means that the purveyor does not allow portal users to delete assemblies or you do not have an external admin rights. See our article about external user role definitions to learn more.

1. On the Dashboard of the submission portal, enter the serial number of the assembly you want to delete in the Search box.

2. Click Search or press [Enter] on your keyboard to continue.

3. On the Assembly Overview page, click Delete.

4. When the popup message appears, click OK.

A confirmation message appears at the top of the page that this assembly has been deleted and that they purveyor will review this change. The deleted assembly will then be approved/denied by the water purveyor.

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