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Syncta's latest software updates

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Recent Syncta Updates

Read below for more information about the recent updates we've made this year in Syncta. Click on any of the following links to go directly to the section in this article to learn more:

Updating Assemblies With Pending Suggested Changes

Previously, if you updated an assembly that had pending Suggested Changes, those updates would be overridden when you processed the related changes. Now, any assembly with pending Suggested Changes cannot be updated until those related changes have been processed.

If you try to edit an assembly with pending Suggested Changes, you will automatically be redirected to the Suggested Changes page to process the related changes. You will then be returned to the Edit Assembly page to make any updates as needed.

Optional Enhanced Security

Add an additional security layer to protect your data with Syncta's new Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This new optional process requires two steps to verify a user when they login to Syncta. Instead of asking for a single piece of information – such as a password – 2FA goes a step further to enhance your company's security.

If you want to add Two Factor Authentication for your users, see our articles about activating 2FA for your company and setting up 2FA for your users.

Notifications Enhancements

We have made the following enhancements to our Notifications feature:

Filter Notification Batches by Delivery Status

If you use our Notifications feature, you can now filter email notification batches by delivery status. To see this information, click the Details icon in any section of the Notifications page.

You can then search for notifications in a batch based on the following email statuses: Created, Waiting response, Complete, Cancelled, and Exception.

In this example, selecting Complete will show all email notifications that have been opened by customers.

New Notification Options

You can now add a personalized email subject to notification batches, as well as choose who you want to receive notifications: no parent customers, only parent customers, or only all customers. See our article about sending email notifications to learn more about these new fields.

Routes Enhancements

We have made the following enhancements to our Routes feature:

Adding Custom Start/End Addresses to a Route

If your testers will begin or end their day from addresses that are different than what's in their User profile, you can now add custom Start and End Addresses instead. These will then be used to optimize the order of the stops on a route in the most efficient driving order.

1. To add a custom start address to a route, click Start Address on the Routes page, enter the address information, and click Confirm.

2. To add a custom end address, click End Address and repeat the same process.

3. Add all the desired stops to the route, and then click Optimize Route.

The stops will be organized in the most efficient driving order based on the Start and/or End address information you entered.

NOTE: If the tester will start or end their day at the address in their User profile, you do not need to add that address again as a start/end address on the route. For example, let's say the tester will start their day at the address in their User profile, but will end it at their company's corporate office. In this case, you would only need to add the office's address as the End Address in the route. The route optimization will automatically use the address in the tester's User profile as the Start Address.

New Filters on the Routes Page

New filters on the Routes page make it easier for you to find the available stops that you want to add to a route. Testing companies and water purveyors can filter available stops by scheduled commit date, by water purveyor, and by test type (tests or retests). Purveyors can also filter available stops by a survey's scheduled commit date, and by stops that include scheduled surveys. See our article about creating a route for more information about these new filters.

Completed Tests and Surveys On Route Turn Green

Now, when you complete a test or survey (purveyors only) on a route, the related assembly or survey record will turn green. This makes it easier for testers and inspectors to quickly see what has been completed, and what is still outstanding.

Testing Multiple Assemblies at a Stop Now Easier

If you use the Route Overview page and have stops with multiple assemblies and/or surveys (purveyors only), completed tests and surveys will now move below outstanding ones, and the page will automatically scroll to the next outstanding test or survey at that stop.

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