When you're finished testing a backflow assembly, you can either click Save Test or Complete Test at the top or bottom of the page. But what's the difference between the two buttons?

NOTE: See our article about testing backflow assemblies to learn more about all of the fields on the Perform Test page.

Save Test

If you've entered test information but need to come back later and enter more data, click this button. This test will appear in the Scheduled Tests section of the Pending Tests page.

NOTE: Purveyors can find saved tests in the Scheduled Tests section of the Pending Internal Tests page.

Complete Test

If you've entered all data for this test and are ready to generate a PDF test report, click this button; doing this doesn't automatically send this test to the purveyor. An Admin user needs to approve the test and then submit it. See our articles about approving test reports and submitting test reports to learn more.

NOTE: Even if another tester is assigned to this test, Syncta will associate the user who clicks Complete Test with this test.

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