Testing Backflow Assemblies
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Real-Time Training: Want to test backflow assemblies now instead of reading about how to do it? Depending on your user role, click the button below to test assemblies using our live step-by-step walk through.

Test Backflow Assemblies

After you have entered customer and backflow assembly data, you are ready to begin testing!

There are many different ways to get to the point of being able to test an assembly. These different scenarios will be covered in other articles. 

1. Scroll to the Tests section on the Customer page.
2. Click the Test Now icon next to the backflow assembly that you want to test. 

3. On the Perform Test page, enter all of the relevant test results for this backflow assembly. For example, Check PSI, Relief Valve PSI, Tight/Leaked, etc.


  • Only Admin and Office users will see the Tester field, which allows them to assign another tester to a test.

  • This page is easy to read on your smartphone or tablet while in the field; we only display the fields relevant to the assembly you are testing. The example below shows fields for a DC assembly.

4. Click Passed or Failed to indicate this test's results.

NOTE: If you select Failed, repair and retest fields will appear below. A test can be completed without filling in these fields; it will appear on the Pending Tests and Tests Pending Retests pages to be performed later.

5. To add a completion date or update the test price, click to expand the Admin Options section; update fields as needed.

NOTE: Only Admin and Office users for testing companies will see the Bypass Validation field, which should only be used if you can't complete a test. See our article about Bypass Validation to learn more.

6. In the Customer Signature section, have the customer sign in the New Signature box.

7. To use this signature on other tests and surveys (as applicable), check the Copy customer signature to service location box.

8. Add any images, photos or documents as needed in the Attachments section.

9. After you have entered the test results, click Complete Test to generate a PDF test report. You can also click Save Test if you need to come back later to enter additional data. 


  • Even if another tester is assigned to this test, Syncta will associate the user who clicks this button with this test.

  • Clicking Complete Test doesn't automatically send this test to the purveyor. An Admin user needs to approve the test and then submit it. See our articles about approving test reports and submitting test reports to learn more.

10. On the Perform Test page, you can also Edit the Assembly. Don't worry - clicking this button will not lose the test results you have entered so far. After you update the assembly, you return to the Perform Test page to pick up where you left off. 

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