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Identifying and Fixing Email Problems
Identifying and Fixing Email Problems

What it means when an email bounces and what actions you need to take to correct it

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Review Email Problems

In Syncta we track all emails sent from our system. This means that you can view email history and see whether or not the recipient has opened it. 

Note: See our article about email statuses to learn more about each one.

If the status shows an email as delivered but not opened, that could be for a few different reasons: 

1. It is sitting in the recipient's Inbox, and they never opened it, or just deleted it.
2. It could be sitting in the recipient's Spam folder.
3. The recipient's email server may not be set up to send automatic responses when emails are opened.

The bottom line is you cannot count on receiving an open notification 100% of the time.

What you can count on is if an email bounces you will be notified; but it can take up to five days. This is because our system will automatically continue trying to resend the message for five days, at which point it will give up and mark the email as a failure. 

Email bounces will appear in the Tracked Email Problems section, which can be found by selecting the link from the Dashboard.

Selecting the link takes you to a page that lists all of the emails that were never delivered to the recipient, with the most recent at the top.

To see additional information about the email(s) sent, select the link to the item the email is related to. From there you can click View Email History to see details about the email(s) sent.

Troubleshoot Email Problems

Typically, you will see that an email was blocked, or it bounced. Below are some steps to take when troubleshooting why the email(s) did not go through.

1. Verify the email address is correct

a. Make sure there are no typos and the email address is correctly formatted.
b. Test the email using your own email account and make sure the recipient receives a copy of it.
c. If the email address is correctly entered in Syncta, and the recipient receives the email you sent from your own account, go to step 2. 

2. Ask the recipient to allow emails from Syncta

  • They may need to work with their IT department to allow traffic from Syncta.

  • You can provide the below information about how Syncta emails are typically sent:

reply-to: (your email address)

  • Our emails are sent from a US-based IP address:

  • Below is an email template that you can use when asking someone to allow email messages from Syncta.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please let us know!

Email Template

Dear Valued Client/Partner,

The program we use to send emails is unable to deliver them to your address. We believe it may be an issue with your spam filters blocking them. 

Can you please work with the appropriate folks on your side to allow traffic for future emails sent with the following information?

reply-to: (your email address)

They use a single IP address from the US. That IP address is

Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.

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