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Retry Post Processing, Mark Manually Processed
Retry Post Processing, Mark Manually Processed

Resolve problem submissions

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There are a couple of steps you can take to remedy problem submissions.


Retry Post Processing

Some problem submissions require you to change a variable of the test submission. This may require you to enter information within Syncta or inform the water purveyor's system of an existing issue. 

One example could be that a tester's certification may be outdated within the water purveyor's system. Once this has been updated, you will need to try submitting the results to the purveyor again. Simply click Retry Post Processing next to the problem submission.

Syncta will automatically re-run this submission. If it is successfully processed, you will see it in the submission history. Otherwise, it will reflect any problem under Review Problems.

If you make any changes to a test submission in Syncta, such as an assembly serial number or tester certification, you can retry post processing. 

Mark Manually Processed

In the event that you have already submitted the test results manually though the water purveyor's system, you'll want to mark the test as manually processed. 

You can find this button next to any problem submission by first clicking Review Problems.

See our article about problem submissions to learn more.

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