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Release Notes - July 2020
Release Notes - July 2020

Syncta's Latest Software Updates

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Below are descriptions of the recent updates that we've made to Syncta.

Ability to Define the Status of an Assembly and Service Location

The new Status field makes creating notifications and scheduling tests more accurate by allowing you to view only active assembly and service location records. Using this new field, you can set the status (Active, Inactive, Removed or Replaced) of assemblies and service locations. Click here for more information about changing the status of an assembly and here to learn more about changing the status of a service location.

Updated Due Date Options

Syncta now gives you two different ways to calculate when the next test is due for an assembly, making it easier to manage your follow-up notification and testing. The first option calculates the next test date based on the date an assembly was last tested. The second option calculates the next test date based on the same recurring due date every year. Click here to learn more about the due date options.

Perform Test Page Updates

When you're entering test results, you no longer have to expand a section to select the tester and test date. These fields have been moved to the main area of the Perform Test Page, which saves you even more time with every test performed.

Updates to QuickBooks

Our new and improved QuickBooks Connection helps make your workflow more seamless, which includes increased visibility to the connection to make it easier to troubleshoot when records don't sync. Click here for an overview of how this connection works.

Merging Backflow Assemblies

You can now merge assemblies for a given customer as needed. Click here for more information.

AutoPhil Supports More Water Purveyors Than Ever!

AutoPhil reduces the time you spend on online submissions by automatically filling in test results. We added five new water purveyors this quarter. Reach out to us via the Chat feature or email us at to see which purveyors we currently support.

Syncta ID

Testers know that assembly serial numbers sometimes get scratched off or are hard to read. Our new Syncta ID is a unique identifier for each assembly, giving you another way to locate an assembly, making it easier to submit your test results to a water purveyor using Syncta. Click here to learn more about the Syncta ID.

Submission Portal Updates

Our redesigned submission portal makes it even easier for testing companies to submit test results directly to water purveyors. Simply enter an assembly’s serial number or Syncta ID, and you’re ready to start testing!

Updated Layout of Service Location Page

We've redesigned the Service Location page to have a similar look and feel as the current Customer page. Instead of having tests listed with each assembly, there is now one section for tests and one for assemblies.

Parent Customers Now Included in Notifications

You can now set up notification templates to include parent customer information; click here for more information on how to do that. If you have parent customers, notifications will now be sent to the parent customer's email or mailing address. All child customers of a parent will be grouped into one email that will be sent to the parent customer's email.

Select All Records

When you're sending notifications or scheduling tests, it's now even easier to select everything at once using the new Select All Records box. Instead of having to select records on each page, you can now select all records with the click of a box.

Test Price Now Sorted Alphabetically on Schedule Test Page

When you schedule a test or edit the schedule for a test, the Test Price dropdown is now sorted alphabetically.

Redesigned Dashboard for Water Purveyors

Our redesigned dashboard for water purveyors makes it even easier to see where you need to take action. From upcoming tests and surveys to outstanding and past due surveys, the dashboard allows you to focus on your most important tasks first.

Date Filters Added to Tests Pending Retest Report

The Tests Pending Retest Report now allows you to filter your results using a date range. This new date filter uses the Tested Completed At field on the Perform Test page.

Note: See the "Perform Test Page Updates" section above to see where this field is on the Perform Test page.

Custom Fields Are Now in Alphabetical Order

If you use custom fields in Syncta, they are now shown in alphabetical order when they are on a page.

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