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Release Notes - Second Quarter 2022
Release Notes - Second Quarter 2022
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Latest Syncta Updates

Read below for more information about the recent updates we've made this quarter in Syncta. Click on any of the following links to go directly to the section in this article to learn more:

Printing a PDF Test Report Form From an Assembly Page

Testing companies and purveyors can now print a PDF test report form directly from an Assembly page, whether or not a related test has been scheduled. To do this, simply click the Print button at the top of any Assembly page.

A PDF copy of the test report form is saved to your Downloads folder, with service location and assembly information filled in.

Purveyors Can Now Keep Better Track of Upcoming Surveys

Purveyors who want to see reminders about when upcoming surveys are due can use the new Next Survey Due date on the Customer and Service Location pages. Once this field is filled in, the related survey will appear on the Upcoming Surveys page when the survey is due to be conducted. See our article about the Upcoming Surveys page to learn more.

New Filter On Tests Pending Retest and Deficiencies Pages

The new Water Purveyor filter on the Tests Pending Retest page allows you to filter by the water purveyor assigned to an assembly. To learn more, see our article about the Test Pending Retest page.

Water purveyors can now also use this same filter on the Deficiencies page. See our article about resolving survey deficiencies to learn more.

New Filter for Customers and Assemblies Map Page

If you use the Customers & Assemblies Map page to see which assemblies need to be tested, you can now refine that view using the new Last Tested Date filter.

To open this page, simply click Show on Map on the Customers page.

New Assemblies By Status Report

The new Assemblies By Status report gives you a quick way to view assemblies by their status, which includes active, inactive, removed or replaced. To view this report, select it in the Assemblies section of the Reports page.

Submission Portal Now Alerts Testers About Rejected Tests

Water purveyors that require testers to use their submission portal have a new way to alert testers about rejected tests. If a purveyor rejects a test, the tester will see an alert the next time they log into the submission portal.

Clicking on the link takes them to the Rejected Tests page in the portal, where they can read the purveyor's message about the rejected test, edit test results, and then resubmit the test to the purveyor.

To learn more, see our article about handling rejected tests in the submission portal.

Notification Date Now Visible on Several Pages

If you use our Notifications feature, the notification date is now visible on the following pages: Assembly, Service Location, and Notifications.

For tests that are pending a retest, you will also see the retest due date on the Assembly page and Test details page.

Assembly Page

Test Details Page

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